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Your First Video - The 30 Days To Video Series

Film Clapboard

Your New Year’s resolution/goal was to promote yourself or your business. Have you done it yet? Ok, it’s more procrastinating!

Your Video Checklist

  1. Pick a spot and pay attention to what’s behind you

  2. Pick your equipment and setup - Camera , microphone, lights

  3. Decide if you edit? Add a logo, your name, music

  4. Pick a quick topic

  5. Pick 3 bullet points to chat about

  6. Get to the point fast. If you only had 60 seconds to get your point across what will you say?

  7. Just do it. You don’t have to publish your first video but it is time to try!

Want more info or a quick review of your video? Visit me at The Bird Commission.

Enroll Now!  On Camera Basics

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