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Do I Have To Wear Makeup in My Videos? The 30 Days To Video Series


It’s your New Year’s resolution - promote your business with video. But do you need to wear makeup in your videos? Instead of telling you, let me show you. Here's 3 steps to help you decide.

1. Question

Ask yourself 2 questions:

1. How am I branding myself & my business?

Are you professional? fashionable or well put together? Are you nature girl or approachable?

2. Who is your target market and what do they expect or respond too?

Are you targeting business professionals or over worked moms?

Are they expecting you to be professional or a good example or are they expecting you to be ultra "real" and raw?

2. Experiment

Next setup your video equipment and do a test run with and without makeup.

Here's my test shots with the exact same video setup and lighting.

On the left is a rare shot of me without makeup and I haven't even combed my hair. (Dear god, please don't let this be the shot that goes viral!)

On the right is the me that I like to see and be. This version of me aligns with my branding and my target market. (I could use a little more powder on the cheeks to cut the glare/hot spot)

Before and After Makeup

3. Decide

Finally, you decide. Remember that what you put on the internet lives forever. (Which makes me want to remove my no makeup self right now!!)

To help you decide, in your test shot from Step 2 please review:

  • How do you look in each shot?

  • Do you have shine or glaring hot spots from the lights (Check out your cheeks, nose, head - powder corrects this)

  • Which version of yourself will your audience find credible and authentic?

  • Which version of yourself is in alignment with your branding?


If you are not a fan of makeup, but your test shot tells you that you present better on video with makeup - you can shoot several videos on the same day to take advantage of the extra effort you took to do your face!

The 30 Days To Video Series

Next week we look at lighting.

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